As a kid, I discovered I had an imagination for concocting movies and a disposition for seeing them through. I went from action movies with neighborhood kids to dramatic movies in college to making film a career. Audience appeal mattered to me from the start. If a film didn't resonate with an audience, it didn't count. 


I've shaped my career with involvement in the entire filmmaking process. From research, scripts, and budgets to on-set, where I've worked in every capacity. I've edited on flatbeds for film and computers for video. From big to small, I've worked with all sizes of budget, crew and cast. Now I concentrate on directing, writing and editing. 


In my last corporate gig, before starting Ted Samore Productions, I managed Neiman Marcus' Video Communications for 10 years. I produced movies on fashion, training, operations, and customer relations, working with designers, senior officers and rank & file. Some productions were marketed and sold. Some aired on TV. 

After going independent, I kept Neiman Marcus as a client. Since then,
subjects have been all over the map... 

fashion in New York
jet skis in Tahiti
farmers in Louisiana
live meeting production
oil rigs in Texas
fishing in Chile
gardens in Iran
wineries in New Zealand
crystal making in France
investor & consumer relations

Filmmaking has introduced me to marvels. Can't wait for more.